Monday, January 4, 2016

Bridging the Bay's Newest Workshops

Here is a sneak peak into Bridging the Bay newest Workshops that will be available during the conference!

For Leaders in K-5, K-8, & K-12
All About Program Culture offers engaging ways to equip your after school or summer camp with the necessary tools for a robust and fun after school or summer program. Learn fun activities which will help you use youth voice, community input in your program, while also establishing clear routines to support young people to be successful and thrive.  K-5

Animals and Their Habitats will make educators out of our youngest students. Students research an animal and use a 3-Dimensional painting uploaded into Stop Motion, an easy application that allows audio narration and text along with pictures to create a report!  K-5 

The Common Sense of Common Core will clarify what common core really is and how to easily adapt lessons to Common Core Standards in a way that is fun for you and the youth in your program. Join in hands-on interactive lessons you can take back to your program.  K-8

Discovering Creativity with Streetside Stories! Introduces the way Streetside Stories teaching artists cultivate student voice and encourage personal storytelling through “visible thinking routines.” Experiment with hands-on art and writing activities, and strategies for discussion and reflection that can be implemented with diverse youth in a variety of settings.  Gr. 3-8

Energenius® introduces free training modules created through a partnership between PG&E and CalSAC, designed to engage children and youth to think about how they use energy, how energy is measured, paid for, and ways to save energy. K-5

Exemplary Leaders for Exemplary Programs will help you take your program to the next level by learning to lead strategically, work collaboratively, and act intentionally. How you approach this defines who you are as a leader. Find out where your passion and drive come from and how you can use these skills to get the most from your staff!  Gr. K-12

Freestyle: Learning through Hip Hop will explore simple, practical ways to support positive classroom culture, engagement and creative expression through hip hop dance. You’ll leave with tools for building ritual, youth voice, reflection and positive risk taking into every class.  Gr. 3-12

How to Support New Staff to Create Engaging Lesson Plans breaks down engaging, project-based lesson planning--a complex skill that takes time to develop. Explore tips and tricks for supporting new and emerging staff in developing plans that build skills and keep youth active and engaged through a simple four-part framework including effective debriefing, one of the most powerful but overlooked elements of an effective lesson.  Gr. K-8

The Impact of Samoan Culture on Student Success will help service providers understand how to work more effectively with Samoan students by implementing culturally relevant practices in three areas to create deeper relationships with Samoan students, and produce higher engagement in academics, programs, and leadership roles in schools.  K-12

Improv and Your Role as a Facilitator is for you if you ever planned a lesson that didn't go the way you thought it would, or didn't know what to say in an uncomfortable situation. We’ll use Improv techniques to help create a supportive environment, engage in difficult conversations, and facilitate meaningful lessons. Come join us for an interactive and engaging workshop!  K-12

STEMpower and smARTS will demonstrate practical methods for conducting arts and STEM related lesson plans. Learn how STEM and arts-integrated learning bolster both academic and social emotional skills through the creative process and critical thinking.  K-5

Supporting English Learners brings practical strategies to support English Learners and develop your own confidence and competence in helping them master the English language.  K-5

Writing Lyrics, Creating Songs leads you through a simple process for generating ideas, writing and editing lyrics, and composing melodies to create a simple song, written by you! The process is structured so that you too can facilitate the process for kids, without needing to be a composer yourself. No previous musical experience is necessary.  K-8

Youth Voice emphasizes the importance of offering real choices and meaningful participation to youth, and nurturing youth leadership.  This interactive workshop is focused on ways to provide meaningful choice within activities along with opportunities for youth input within the larger program itself. K-8

For Leaders of Older Youth (Grades 6-8, 9-12)
Around the World and Back Again! is geared towards promoting youth travel, especially in high school summer programs. It will explain the benefits of national and international travel for youth programs, as well as share the highlights of our trips to Mississippi and South Africa.  Gr. 9-12

Build and Ace of a Place offers ways to create a ripple! Build character strengths with middle school youth, incorporate SEL (Social Emotional Learning) techniques, create a foundation for staff to better engage with the youth, and provide resources to create a stream of change within your program. Gr. 6-8

Creating the Next Generation of Leaders focuses on recruiting and retaining youth participants to create change in their community. Along with identifying community needs, participants will gain tools on how to develop a goal, action plan, and tips for implementation. And you’ll have fun with team building activities! Gr. 6-12

The Challenge of Working with Middle School Students focuses on behavioral expectations, dealing with the challenging behaviors, and strategies for establishing trust, effective communication, eliminating power struggles, and minimizing potential triggers. Gain lessons, techniques, and strategies for successfully managing and enjoying your students!  Gr. 6-8

Equity and Student Voice: Let’s Make It Real! offers a facilitated conversation exploring what Student Voice and Leadership, and Diversity, Access & Equity mean and can look like in real time and real practice. Hear from and engage with students and practitioners to explore how these two critical Quality Standards - when serving as an anchor for a program - can drive engagement and improvement of our programs and our schools themselves.   Gr. 6-12

Leadership and Employment Pathways for High School Youth uses strategies proven effective at 6 SFUSD sites to focus on structures to create and/or adapt the framework at your individual site. Gr. 9-12

S.O.S. – Small Solutions for Big Problems combines an easy-to-use animation app with writing as tools for social change. Students identify a human-caused problem in the environment and develop a campaign to present a solution through stop motion infomercials! Gr. 6—12

Keeping checking for workshop updates!

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