Monday, January 4, 2016

Pre-Register for a Double Session Workshop

Pre-register for ONE of the Special Double Session Workshops for the Bridging the Bay Conference on January 30! Spend quality time with these outstanding youth development leaders to deepen your own knowledge and skills at no additional cost.

Social-Emotional Learning in a 21st Century World

Cheri Chord and Beryl Johnson | After School Assist, Sacramento, CA

Social Emotional skills are the basis for a happy and productive life, both for individual success and for participating in the larger community. You will experience hands-on, minds-on activities to support children and youth in becoming independent thinkers and dedicated problem solvers. Learn community building strategies drawn from many sources including Tribes and Adventures in Peacemaking for guiding your students to develop excellent communication skills, create healthy friendships, and foster a love for learning.


Positive Discipline: Fill Your Toolbox with Solutions

Lori Onderwyzer | Positive Discipline Associates

Children by nature are good, open and ready to learn, yet in an average classroom or afterschool program today there may be one or even many students who don’t appear to be so.

This workshop helps unpack the reasons for this mal-adaptive behavior, including the impact of trauma and the resulting challenges. In the first half, we will focus on why people do what they do. With this understanding in place, the second half of the workshop will focus on tools and strategies that create long-term restorative solutions and build the missing connections to reach challenging students. You will leave with renewed hope and commitment to the idea that every child is capable of doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. You’ll participate in experiential activities to help you gain understanding at the “heart” level as well as the intellectual.

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